Monday, October 23, 2006

How to Remove Negative Memories

There are times that apparently bad things happen. We don't understand why or what the cause of these events are.

Some religious people will tell you it’s Gods plan or punishment. Others will say we create all the events in our lives even the bad ones.

Still more will tell you it is the divine guidance system of the universe, "the great agenda."

The point is the why is not important. The how is not important.

The past is nonexistent with the exception of our own minds where we continue to suffer through the visual recreation of the ugly event over and over again.

Why continue to allow your negative memories to ruin your present experience? If you were free of the reoccurring negative past, only then can you truly begin to see the present world you inhabit un-jaded.

When you live in your mistakes and bad memories, you are seeing every new miraculous day through the dirty filter of your past.

That makes it hard to just be happy doesn't it? Even when the stars are bright and everything is going your way.

You just can't escape the memories that become the basis for the comparison of every new and beautiful experience.

First give yourself clarity, just know that it doesn't have to be this way. You can be free, you can be forgiven.

Admit that you don't want to feel this way. You’re tired of feeling wrong. Tired of feeling angry. Tired of feeling sad.

Just know you don't want to feel this way anymore.

Here is a very simple "visualization" exercise to be rid of the negative memory forever.

Remember this so you can close your eyes to get the full effect and focus.

1. Find a quiet spot to sit or lie down

2. Close your eyes and take a couple very slow deep breaths (deep relaxed breathing is one of the most ancient and effective ways to stay healthy)

3. See the empty blackness of the back of you eyelids, feel the closeness of this comforting and restful darkness.

4. Pull your mind back slowly imagining the blackness becoming larger around you.

5. Now picture a television, one of the old models with knobs (if your old enough to remember ^_^)

6. Think of that bad memory or event and see it playing itself out in real-time on the small television in front of you. All the people involved and just small characters on the little screen.

7. Now i want you to reach out and grab the tuning knobs, feel your fingers grasping the small circular knobs that control the vertical, the horizontal, the static.

8. Turn the knobs; distorting the picture of your negative memory on the screen. Stretch it. Fade it. Change the hue, the speed, the pitch of the voices.

Something that has helped me is tuning the knobs until there is nothing left on the screen but empty static.

Give it a try.

It is easy for those around us to say, just let go of the negative memory. Get over it, and move on.

But for those of us in the experience… attached to it… reliving it for years. It's not like we want to feel that way, at least not consciously.

Make the decision to change the way you feel.

Now you have at least one method to be free of the past negative memory. I hope it helps and you find freedom, and peace.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Viral Garden: Joining the community

Be Careful What You Wish For - Are You Ready? Here Is The Key...

The next bit of information you are about to receive is both miraculous and dangerous. First you must keep in mind we all share a world that is beautiful and miserable, magical and logical.

Guru's will call this power many things: instant manifestation, the power of prayer, a 5 or 3 step process to create your desires, the secret of success.

Spiritual masters say that enlightenment can happen in an instant or like the blooming of a lotus flower. The same can be said of realizations, and learning.

As you read a book on any subject you will have moments that you stop reading just long enough to say "Ah ha!" or "Wow, that's how that works" or "that's why that happens!"

When you first look at a new math equation and it makes no sense, then later after you learn the process, you can look at the same equation again and you not only understand it you can solve it.

The point I am trying to make is this: There is a point where something is gained from any knowledge. First you are ignorant, and then you inquire, next you realize, now you have the power of that knowledge and can apply it to your world.

People will sell you courses and charge you thousands of dollars to beat around the bush and flush out the truth I am about to tell you.

I have used this method that consists of only 2 words to create anything I want usually within 24 hours if not instantly.

I have told these words to very a very few close friends, accompanied with the warning "Be careful what you wish for..."

There is only one guideline when using these key words and I will get to that immediately after I tell you what these words are.

All you have to do is know what you want to make this work. Then put it in this sentence:

I Command - (Then just state whatever you want)

I know it sounds too simple. Your disbelief in this might actually aid in its power. You remain detached from the outcome because it just sounds too easy "This couldn't possibly work, I've tried everything"-your mind will say.

Good. What can it hurt to seriously give this a try?

"I Command" all day, everyday and I have come to realize the power I have over the outcome of my life. So have those I have told these words to through their own experiences with it.

Of course your mind may just dismiss the acquisition of your desires as coincidental.
But does it really matter? After all you got what you wanted and never worried about how.

If you honestly begin to use this take into consideration that this command once made is not concerned about the how it will happen. The power will just take the shortest possible path to accomplishment.

All things great and small are possible when you use the words "I Command", but whatever they are be prepared. Of course you can always change what you want if you realize it's not what you thought it would be. It is never too late in this world and nothing is final.

The only thing constant in this world is change. You can either be conscious of your creating or dragged along oblivious to it. ^_^

There is only one rule.

One limitation and this is important if you truly want to apply this knowledge. "You cannot command something for or concerning someone else."

Such as:
"I command so-and-so to fall in love with me" instead use- "I command my true love to make himself known to me"

That's it. These words are yet to fail and you can command anything within the realm of your imagination - nothing is impossible.

All you have to do is command, and then look for the command to be fulfilled.

Here are some examples from my experience and my close friends-

>>"I command a good parking spot" Right around the next corner an open parking space right in front of the store.

>> I went walking through the woods to a beautiful creek with my husband, my brother-in-law Jacob and his girlfriend Katie. All of whom had just learned the power of commands.

It was getting dark and we were all walking back to the car. Suddenly a screeching thunder broke the silence of the night as an enormous rusty train parked on the tracks we had to cross to reach the car.

Katie was frantic. We were trapped, on a trail in the woods, in the dark. The only thing between us and the way home was a massive freight train that stretched as far as we could see in both directions.

Like a scene strait out of a horror movie we stood in the dark staring down our obstacle and trying to think of solutions. "We could climb through the cars" -This idea was quickly shot down.

Fear was setting in as it got darker around us. "We could walk to the back or the front of the train and go around" -Shot down again as fear of the train moving was very real as well as the fact there was no end in sight.

Katie was beginning to have a panic attack.

All of my fear suddenly vanished as i remembered my power of commanding. There are no limitations. I rushed to Katie and took her hands in mine. After reminding her of this fact I asked her to command out loud with me: "I command the train to move out of our way and that we make it back to the car safely," and as soon as we sat down to wait it out...

Booming and squealing the train immediately sprung to life and made us all jump. All I could do was smile and congratulate Katie for moving the train, as we all walked over the empty tracks and back to the car.

>> I gave the "I command" speech to my friend Angie in my car outside Wal-Mart. She had just finished explaing her hopeless situation. Everything she owned had been left with a relationship gone badly in Colorado. There was no family or contact that could send her anything. Her ex-boyfriend was long gone and she had fallen out with his family and friends that held her belongings.

I told her that if she really thought there was nothing more she could do to just try commanding it. It couldn't hurt. ^_^

She did, and called me the next morning in tears. Her ex-boyfriends brother lived on her block back in Tennessee, and had just returned from visiting his family in Colorado. For some reason he wanted to grab all her things and bring them back with him.

She woke that morning to find all of her belongings from her makeup to her father’s ashes on the floor in her living room and she called me.

>>All these events happened within 24 hours of the stated words "I Command"

Now with everything I have noticed there is an evolution that happens after the "I Command" has proven itself to you. More and more all you have to do is clearly know what you want. Soon the verbal commands aren't even nessesary.

But here is where "Be careful what you wish for comes in" - I will give 2 examples:

>> We have a cat that lives on the main floor of the house with the family. Lately he had been making messes and getting into everything, also the cat smell was too stong for my sensitive nose. Being pregnant many things will make your stomach sore, strong smells for one.

I wanted the cat to move to the basement, but my husband disagreed with the idea so the cat stayed upstairs.

Yesterday I found fleas on the cat, the drops will be delivered soon. But until then, we moved the cat down to the basement no arguement. I got what I wanted and quickly, but the command took the quickest open path.

>> Another example is my husband wanted another guitar controller for a video game called "Guitar Hero" so he could rock out with his brother. I disagreed thinking it would be a waste and would distract him from the launches and promotions we have going on.

His brother showed up for a visit and my huband wanted to show him the guitar game. Mysteriously we had the one guitar controller, but the game cd itself was no where to be found.

We looked until 3 in the moring, scouring the house. Nothing. The next morning they went out and bought another copy of the game which comes with a guitar controller.

He got what he wanted in the end, his second guitar controller but it was only because the game disappeared. Again within 24 hours.

I think another thing to look out for with the commands is - take care and only share your wants and commands with people that will be supportive. Make sure not to tell people that could have adverse opinions or thoughts, it may affect how your command is manifested.

- Just a tip from my own observation. So be careful what you wish for, and be careful who you tell. :)

I constantly use this technique, the more I discover about the way it works the more I will share with you.

I hope you have read something here that helps you. If you apply it be prepared to get what you want. Just be ready for the change.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Feeling The Weight of The World, Are You Happy?

It seems like an easy enough question... I'm sure you had an answer as soon as you read the words "Are You Happy" above.

Often times it feels like we repeatedly drift through everyday. Making lists, and studying materials on endless marketing and advertising subjects. Most of our time is spent trying to find newer ways to maximize our monetization on the internet. ^_^

But at the same time you have a family or at least yourself to support. (If your at this internet marketing game full time that is...)

Mailings have to be sent. Solo ads have to be written and mailed off to a continually growing list of JV partners that also must be managed.

Unless you have a good system in place, what is really just another day becomes overwhelming.

By the end of the day, there are still things that need to be done, items not yet checked off our list.

Setting all these traps for ourselves is like making a promise that we cannot keep.

When the end of the day comes and we are leaving our oversized “to do" lists incomplete we are letting ourselves down, and lowering our self-worth.

Breaking our word to ourselves after a while takes its toll.

It is an important trait to take chances, step outside of comfort zones, and challenge ourselves to be more. This increases our energy level, our inspiration and desire. Taking a chance also has a greater potential to yield something beautiful in the future.

But too much of a personal work load can leave you feeling drained and unenthused. Many big dogs say outsourcing is the key to getting things done with speed, ease and oh-so-little stress.

Let's just say for a moment that you do work by yourself or with a couple people you know personally on a regular project basis. Yet for some reason you are still left with tons of objectives on your "have to be done yesterday" list.

You would not be alone. Andrew Carnegie himself suffered from having to much to do personally in a day. (Imagine that...)One day a young employee from his office, Charles Schwab presented him with a solution:

Every night list the 6 most important things to accomplish the following day. Then the following day work on your short list from the most important working your way down to the least.

An important point to remember is when you work from home you deal with lots of distractions. Constantly encourage yourself to do what has to be done with the kids or the house, then bring yourself back to you focus and get it done.

We were given some good advice by our friend Mark Joyner about the housework, if we can afford it get a cleaning lady. It really does cause quite a distraction.

As a homeowner and mother of 2 little boys time on the computer is precious.

I have given Schwab’s advice an honest try and it was worth the 25,000 dollars Carnegie paid him after trying the method himself.

Another thing that has helped me with clarity and really getting the most of my time is Mark's Simple-o-logy course. He has a whole course on free videos set up on his site if you have the time to take a look.

I hope you have read something here that helps.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

"Meditation validated by over 600 scientific studies... do it"

When you were very young science has proven you existed in a state of quiet meditation.

Infants are constantly slipping into and out of a dreamlike stasis which is very similar to the hypnogonic state. Easily put, it’s that half awake feeling as your just drifting into sleep or that groggy mist while slowly awakening.

For most infants this is coupled with a deep brain-level of activity referred to as the delta state. A deep and peaceful trance-like state shared with many yoga masters.

Watching my 9 month old son Michael I notice more and more of this soft peaceful state drifting away daily as he becomes more aware. I wonder how much stress, thoughts, vocalization, interaction and life affects our well being and happiness.

Often times it is even difficult to sleep, plagued with insomnia. The nightly mind riddled with concerns, promotions, due dates, and reports is unable to find peace.

Meditation for me is a way of returning to the beginning. The peaceful purity only a newly arrived child has mastered :)

My days contain more than their share of stressful interactions as I'm sure yours do. Arguments, crying children, deadlines - everyone needs to have time a little "me time."

There is time for personal creative development, total freedom, mental release and clarity.

I have special CD's that I listen to once a day. I have evolved over the years through different meditation programs.

There will be disagreements, like there have been since man started living with woman. But we never go to bed angry.

When I feel stressed, angry, or hurt I discontinue the event - take a time out - and grab the portable CD player. I actually have CDs that take the brain into those deep delta levels all infants share.

I lay or sit on the couch or the bed, wherever is quieter, and let my CD center my mind and take me away.

After a short time i drift silently back to my body and oh my god I feel fantastic.

I am ready to hug my husband for all the wonderful things he remembers. I praise my babies because they are such a blessing I cannot live without.

Then, can you imagine the inspiration that comes with perfect clarity?

In short, I would suggest you give mediation a try, use the aids that feel good to you. It may be for you, it may not solve all your problems (right away ;) For me it is such a worthwhile and enjoyable part of my experience.

I hope you find meditation helps you like it helps me.

If you're interested in learning more or having a personal meditation experience you can get a free demo CD and more educational info here.


It is a difficult thing to be self employed.

You would believe being an entrepreneur has its many benefits like choosing your own hours, or more time at home with the family.

But the truth of it is your days can be more than stressful. Running your own business and being responsible for paying the bills with no assurance of a weekly paycheck is more than most people can handle.

I am an internet marketer with my husband for six years now. We stay on our computers all day seven days a week with our two boys running wild through the office all day. ^_^

Something many marketers online and off deal with is health, energy and inspirational issues.

Also many women and men are leaving the corporate workplace to spend more time with their family at home.

I would like to help.

The purpose of this site is to give resources and information for the self-employed internet junky: concerning health of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

As well as how to make the best of your time doing business and time spent with your family – teaching how to remove stress and increase energy and happiness.

Don't forget about yourself.

I would also like to help you find ways to up your personal creativity levels with daily "me time" exercises.

Thank you for listening, and check back soon. I'll be adding more to this site constantly.

Be strong money-maker :)


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