Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just a little something

On a Personal note today. I hit on something I have to share with you.

My husband Jason and I have recently moved to LI in NY. Your one of the lucky ones if you know what those abreviations mean.

Hiding right outside one of the most frantic environments in the world - is a sweet little vacation spot known as Long Island.

Well lets get back to the great piece of information i happened on yesterday night.

Who else goes shopping on almost a daily basis. I'm not talking about a full on new waredrobe kinda thing, you might just pick up some milk from the store.

I don't want to sell you anything here, but i do want to share a bit of marketing thats so basic it just slipped under my radar as being anything significant...

It's called a BOGO offer.

I saw this question put out by Mr. Bencivenga see if you can guess which of the 3 offers pulled the best...

1. 50% off
2. Half off
3. Buy one Get one free

I was blown away. Total simplicity. I have bought into this offer so many times unknowingly. Of course #3 outpulled by 40%. But its the exact same offer.

Not only does it outpull, but you as the buyer think your luckin' out. When really you are buying twice as much. An awesome technique to test in any campaign.

I speak quite often about relief from life through energetic practices, but if you think about it.

- The more your marketing improves on the front end. The less stress you deal with later, and the more time you get to spend enhancing the rest of your life.

Not only do I wish you peace of mind but also freedom from limitation.


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Blogger Mark said...

This post is so cool. Gary's stuff is gooood. A great nugget of gold that I'm going to use on the launch of my site http://www.MiniMeGifts.com

Pure Gold!!!

Thanks :)

3:11 AM  

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