Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Lesson in Manifestation From The Bagel Shop

“You get what you ask for.” I emphasized with a smile as my husband Jason and I stood in line at a local bagel shop.

The air was permeated with the sweet and spicy odors of maple and onion mingling among the other baked goodies.

Everyone has been in a consumer situation, its nothing new… Now compare your experience to what you have learned about the ever advancing manifestation process.

Never had it been as obvious to me as it was that morning at the Bagel shop.

You will get exactly what you order so be specific, be clear and be quick about it.

If you don’t say toasted you won’t get toasted, so the lesson from the universe that morning was clear for me and Jason.

Be clear and be specific.

Often times we students of manifestation want and desire and have come to a basic understanding of creation.

You know it works, you’ve seen it in action.

You may use a 12 step, a five step, a three step or even a one step method to transfer your desire from nothing but positive reinforced thoughts to actual material apparitions.

You’re not a beginner and I know from experience when you get to this point where you’re sharing your lessons and successes with friends and family – learning slows as your focus changes.

Be aware, be open, and look around constantly. Your new found ability will truly astound you. The realization of constant creation is almost too much as you look for the reflection of every form of desire around you. Things you wanted, noticed on TV, fleeting thoughts appear around you every second.

As you notice more of these externalizations of little internal bits of consciousness -your awareness of just how vast your creative energy is will further expand your ability.

You realize that your ability to create is infinite and it’s just as easy to control as ordering a French toast bagel toasted with butter to-go. ^_^

So now you know your power to create, and how to grow your ability by simply expanding your awareness. Watch more of your world everyday, step back from time to time and just look at what you’re creating.

Now that you can see your creations fleeting by you, every second, minute, and hour – you can make the most of your energy.

No longer are you dragged along by what seems an uncontrollable happening.

Realize you’re just standing in line in that busy little bagel shop, and like it or not – you get exactly what you order. So begin to create consciously and understand, “you get what you ask for” regardless of whether you wanted it or not…


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