Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Feeling The Weight of The World, Are You Happy?

It seems like an easy enough question... I'm sure you had an answer as soon as you read the words "Are You Happy" above.

Often times it feels like we repeatedly drift through everyday. Making lists, and studying materials on endless marketing and advertising subjects. Most of our time is spent trying to find newer ways to maximize our monetization on the internet. ^_^

But at the same time you have a family or at least yourself to support. (If your at this internet marketing game full time that is...)

Mailings have to be sent. Solo ads have to be written and mailed off to a continually growing list of JV partners that also must be managed.

Unless you have a good system in place, what is really just another day becomes overwhelming.

By the end of the day, there are still things that need to be done, items not yet checked off our list.

Setting all these traps for ourselves is like making a promise that we cannot keep.

When the end of the day comes and we are leaving our oversized “to do" lists incomplete we are letting ourselves down, and lowering our self-worth.

Breaking our word to ourselves after a while takes its toll.

It is an important trait to take chances, step outside of comfort zones, and challenge ourselves to be more. This increases our energy level, our inspiration and desire. Taking a chance also has a greater potential to yield something beautiful in the future.

But too much of a personal work load can leave you feeling drained and unenthused. Many big dogs say outsourcing is the key to getting things done with speed, ease and oh-so-little stress.

Let's just say for a moment that you do work by yourself or with a couple people you know personally on a regular project basis. Yet for some reason you are still left with tons of objectives on your "have to be done yesterday" list.

You would not be alone. Andrew Carnegie himself suffered from having to much to do personally in a day. (Imagine that...)One day a young employee from his office, Charles Schwab presented him with a solution:

Every night list the 6 most important things to accomplish the following day. Then the following day work on your short list from the most important working your way down to the least.

An important point to remember is when you work from home you deal with lots of distractions. Constantly encourage yourself to do what has to be done with the kids or the house, then bring yourself back to you focus and get it done.

We were given some good advice by our friend Mark Joyner about the housework, if we can afford it get a cleaning lady. It really does cause quite a distraction.

As a homeowner and mother of 2 little boys time on the computer is precious.

I have given Schwab’s advice an honest try and it was worth the 25,000 dollars Carnegie paid him after trying the method himself.

Another thing that has helped me with clarity and really getting the most of my time is Mark's Simple-o-logy course. He has a whole course on free videos set up on his site if you have the time to take a look.

I hope you have read something here that helps.



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