Thursday, November 02, 2006

Have You Smiled Today or How to Live Every Minute...

One of the biggest causes of frustration and disappointment in our daily lives is shared with a majority of the people on this planet.

It can be something big and encompass the entirety of our lives. Or it can be as small and seemingly unimportant as what happened before breakfast this morning.

Everyday we are confronted by what we want to do, and what we think we have to do.

Ours brains exist in a confused state of hyperactivity, jumping to the first answer or priority. Day in and day out it perseverates, repeating each "what I have to do" default many times. This is what scientists refer to as the beta mind state.

You are a machine - take into account for a second that this idea is not all that ridiculous. Imagine that your body is a machine; many medical practitioners will tell you it is. Fine tuned and put simply you feed or fuel it and it operates automatically.

Getting you where you need to go on a daily basis. Just like breathing, listen carefully... your mind also defaults to a mechanical autopilot.

Everyday you are bombarded with activities that require your attention while you are doing other things. Women are especially good at what you would call multitasking. ^_^

While you are trying to do two things at once imagine that out of those two things - one of them would be a lesser "drone" activity.

For example you are driving and having a conversation with the person in the passenger seat next to you. "The Robot”: that automatic part of your mind is handling the driving, using your body of course. While you - your awareness - is focused on having a pleasant conversation.

I know you have been in this situation before, and you will most likely experience it again.

Here is where you can get proof what I am saying is true.

You are in the car, the robot is driving and you are speaking with a friend sitting in the passenger seat. If there is an obstruction, near accident, or anything out of the ordinary - the robot instantly moves aside and puts you in the driver seat.

It is almost immediate and the transition is so smooth you will hardly notice. But there it is, and if you are looking for it, you will find it.

Your body is a machine; living, breathing, pumping blood and sharing the experiences of your individual cells with your mind.

Also your mind is a machine; splitting your daily tasks so your conscious mind does not become overwhelmed.

In short when you are in a normal everyday beta mind state you are a robot barely living your own life.

No wonder most people live each day with some feeling of incompleteness or dissatisfaction.

You have trained your mind through a lifetime of repetitive actions to takeover all the daunting tasks so your thinking mind is able to take in more information.

Thus you continually learn and program yourself to leave more and more to the robot.

So much of your everyday experience is handed over unconsciously to be handled by your robot.

Now what about you?

Where do you - the one reading this - fit in?

Don't draw the assumption that the robot is foreign or evil. In fact, your life would be more confusing and overwhelming if suddenly the robot disappeared. Your mind would go into shock having to handle every little daily activity.

Here's what you can do:

Little by little take back your life, tell the robot "I acknowledge your presence, but I would like to take the driver seat now, I can handle this so step aside."

Then notice the small shift in awareness, concentration and focus. You are brought to the forefront of your own experience so pay attention.

If you are driving you will be driving, notice the way the wheel feels in you hands, you will move your feet according to what your signals your eyes receive. You will really begin to notice how much you miss when you let the robot control everyday.

The more you take your life back, and become aware of your mental and physical experience; the more clarity you will have.

Then you can move into purpose.

The big thing to focus on first is living every moment of your life.

This will help you have more clarity in your life. Which all by itself will fill each day with fascination and appreciation for all the little things.

Do this and you will find yourself smiling more everyday, and maybe even discovering you’re all elusive purpose or sense of self.

Also with your new clear awareness, your mind will slowly begin to change its conscious state. You will begin to feel collected and more in touch with a kind of higher guidance.

You will start to acknowledge what you want to do with clarity, and not what you think you should do or have to do.

I hope you have read something here that will help you feel more joy in your life.



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