Sunday, October 15, 2006

"Meditation validated by over 600 scientific studies... do it"

When you were very young science has proven you existed in a state of quiet meditation.

Infants are constantly slipping into and out of a dreamlike stasis which is very similar to the hypnogonic state. Easily put, it’s that half awake feeling as your just drifting into sleep or that groggy mist while slowly awakening.

For most infants this is coupled with a deep brain-level of activity referred to as the delta state. A deep and peaceful trance-like state shared with many yoga masters.

Watching my 9 month old son Michael I notice more and more of this soft peaceful state drifting away daily as he becomes more aware. I wonder how much stress, thoughts, vocalization, interaction and life affects our well being and happiness.

Often times it is even difficult to sleep, plagued with insomnia. The nightly mind riddled with concerns, promotions, due dates, and reports is unable to find peace.

Meditation for me is a way of returning to the beginning. The peaceful purity only a newly arrived child has mastered :)

My days contain more than their share of stressful interactions as I'm sure yours do. Arguments, crying children, deadlines - everyone needs to have time a little "me time."

There is time for personal creative development, total freedom, mental release and clarity.

I have special CD's that I listen to once a day. I have evolved over the years through different meditation programs.

There will be disagreements, like there have been since man started living with woman. But we never go to bed angry.

When I feel stressed, angry, or hurt I discontinue the event - take a time out - and grab the portable CD player. I actually have CDs that take the brain into those deep delta levels all infants share.

I lay or sit on the couch or the bed, wherever is quieter, and let my CD center my mind and take me away.

After a short time i drift silently back to my body and oh my god I feel fantastic.

I am ready to hug my husband for all the wonderful things he remembers. I praise my babies because they are such a blessing I cannot live without.

Then, can you imagine the inspiration that comes with perfect clarity?

In short, I would suggest you give mediation a try, use the aids that feel good to you. It may be for you, it may not solve all your problems (right away ;) For me it is such a worthwhile and enjoyable part of my experience.

I hope you find meditation helps you like it helps me.

If you're interested in learning more or having a personal meditation experience you can get a free demo CD and more educational info here.



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