Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Fantastic Method to Boost Inspiration, Escape, and Release

This is a wonderful method I love to use daily to keep myself open and cheery. It may seem strange to most men - having more fear of open expression and letting go. Sorry guys, this may be hard for you but I recommend giving it a try if you are brave.

As strange as it sounds there are millions of people now, and throughout history that have used this freeing method.

It works to treat: stiffness, melancholy, anger, frustration, sickness, loneliness, and many other symptoms.

Here it is:

First find your favorite cd, or grab your iPod and find a quiet place to be alone.

You will find you can be more open and honest with yourself when you can be secluded with no one around. You feel free of judgment and thus more expressive.

Stand in the center of the room, and start your music. Take a deep breath and let go. Forgive yourself, embrace your day and think about the wonder that fills your life. If you are sad the mind loves to remind you how little you have. Even millionaires suffer depression, so do the greatest minds in history.

The point is that these states of emotion are uncontrollable as natural cycles.
But the mind reacts and tries to analyze this lack of control. Placing ego and thought in an unnatural place - the heart.

Feelings and the heart are aspects of a basic universal communication. Constantly received and transmitted through you conducive form.

Let them flow...

Leave control out of your dealings with the heart. That is why most people seem to have lost emotions and are incapable of love. They try to employ and apply logic and the mind to matters of the wild heart.

Emotions cannot be forced they have to be allowed. You must be left open to whatever comes from following an open heart. This is very difficult for most people, because they fear being hurt. Whether they have been before or not, they fear.

Be willing to be open.

Now back to the exercise.

You are all alone.

You have put on your favorite music.

Now give in to this abandon of emotion, and start to move.

Let the music move you.

There is not set movement as long as you are moving. Circulating energy and emotion thereby increasing life. Your life.

Now release. Let go of everything you have been holding captive inside. All those stressors that have clogged your heart and chest. Feel them lift off your spinning swaying form.

Feel your connection to the supportive ground. With every foot fall feel the energy holding you up strong and firm like your unbeatable spirit.

Release 'til you are content, smiling, and empowered. Free.

I hope this technique has helped you like it helps me. ^_^


Sunday, December 10, 2006

How To Deal With Negitive People

I have to share something important with you.

I really got hurt today. Someone I thought was a friend and a professional threw a lot of negitivity and slander my way.

What's the natural reaction? To be hurt, to get angry, to react and fight back.

I am here - now - going to tell you the best thing to do. Stop.

Breathe and clear your mind.

Remember peacefully that you are not what other people think you are... when have others opinions about you ever been correct?

Why would you let some judgemental person effect the way you feel about yourself?

Energy studies and cultivation practice teaches us that there are two kinds of energy filling your body. Pure white energy which evolves you and makes you stronger and black energy or Karma.

The first of the two (the pure white energy) exists to be developed and nurtured through positive lifestyle changes, spiritual practices, and the elimination of Karma. It can also be exchanged for Karma which I'll explain later...

This secondary black substance on the other hand is collected and accumulated over a lifetime. By our negitive and hurtful actions, harming others, and focusing on our own problems obsessively we grow this blackness in ourselves.

In most cases like I mentioned earlier we can exchange our white energy for this dark substance when we harm other.

Imagine hitting someone - drastic i know - but when you do this you are actually transferring your white energy away through your fist.

At the same time you fill that open space with more black energy.

It is the same with words and actions against other and ourselves. Many more people are self distructive then are offensive.

Take notice of your own life. Everything you say and do effects someone you come into contact with everyday. You can hurt someone just as easily as give them the best day of your life.

You may look back and see that you have caused much damage, things that might make it hard for you to forgive yourself or others.

I will start by giving you this. You are constantly - every instant - creating who you are. As well as creating the world around you.

Not even your eyes which view this beautiful world are the same from this moment to the next. They are composed of cells constantly moving, millions of parts that are never the same twice in one lifetime.

So you are constantly viewing a new world with new eyes. Fantastic isn't it.

In the same way, you are not the person you were yesterday, today. It is your choice to live as that person or to live as someone new and different.

This life is yours, live it for you. Many people will try to bring up the past or try to compare thier experience to yours thinking they know best.

Remember their experience is thiers, and no matter how similar they can never be you experiencing your life.

Thank them. Thank these people that hurt you.

I know it's hard and a little confusing at first, but here's why...

When you get hurt by someone else. They are transferring this white high energy matter to you but at the same time eliminating a little of your Karma or dark energy.

This may be hard to understand.

Just give it a try. The next time someone hurts you, sit alone and clear your mind.

Close your eyes and picture that person sitting in a chair across from you. Now thank them.

Thank them for eliminating more of that dark energy in you, making you more light and pure more alive. You will almost immediately feel different perhaps even a little better.

Now you can even say a prayer for this person, think of good blessings you would want for yourself, and send them to this person.

Remember thoughts attract things, if you give anger you will receive anger. On the other hand if you give blessings and compassion that is what you will get in return.

Don't let other negative people control your mind, your feelings and your life.

Starting today. Love yourself and treat others better, because what goes around will come back around.

I hope something here will help you as it has helped me.